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Body Art & Photography

-for you, your loved one or as a platform for creative change

Emerge from the Darkness

-using honey as the glue for collaging on you, the HUMAN canvas.

Feel Empowered

-and express your truth via art on your face or your whole body

Be a Bridge

-between the past (tribal art) & present (modern glam)

Bond with your tribe

-as a rite of passage or as a way to celebrate a wedding, new baby or simply a love for life and each other

Collaborate in the artmaking

-with the images being only for YOU and no one else. Not anyone. Or be part of a project where the sharing of images represent mindful change.

"It was time to get serious about art. To do it in a way that was interactive where everyone involved was forever changed, using honey as the glue to collage fabric, glitter, flowers, and even biodegradable confetti. Why? Because honey is good for the skin and hair and brings consciousness to saving our bees- creatures so necessary for our ecosystem.

Meet the ARTIST

The process is just as important as the product

She generally starts off with a tad bit of trepidation. By the end of the body art session (remember: she has the choice for what she wears/doesn't wear) she is rocking it! She feels empowered, where if she can celebrate her body (& mind) she can do anything she sets her mind to! -video by: Angela Elisabeth

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