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heARTful Thoughts

Cultural Significance via a Floating World

by Lisa Pedersen |

Cultural significance is seen via the influence an image of the past to create a modern day take on Asian art (ukiyo-e).

If Jeri Saltz and Malcolm Gladwell were in the Same Room

by Lisa Pedersen |

Jerry Saltz didn’t even go to college.  He started calling himself an art critic and lo and behold he is one.  Some love him.  Some hate him.  His response?  He keeps working. He spoke at the Vulture Festival on 11/10/19 at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  If you haven't been, you must...

What is a "White Tent Woman"?

by Lisa Pedersen |

What does it mean to be a "White Tent Woman"?

Giraffe Women (past) meets Modern Day Butterfly Woman (present)

by Lisa Pedersen |

The most magical of body arting where the muse is an abstract butterfly, inspiration coming from the Burmese "giraffe" women who wear a ring around their necks for every birthday.  So much more is being celebrated this night.  The "elder" women in the audience were able to come up and decorate the muse as a way to impart their own...

Art Meets Sexuality

by Lisa Pedersen |

"Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.” - Charlie Chaplin    I had a whole vision.  I even shared it with Nude Art LA who didn’t know me from squat when it comes to art making.  They do now.  I...

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