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heARTful Thoughts

the heART of a Butterfly

by Lisa Pedersen |

  Breast cancer survivor thinks of herself as a butterfly, fluttering around and grateful for her 10 years of survivorship to date.  Her thoughts are captured in her portrayal as the muse for Artist Lisa Pedersen.  Lisa collages onto the (Female) canvas using honey as the glue for materials such as glitter, fabric, flowers, sequins and confetti.    

If Jeri Saltz and Malcolm Gladwell were in the Same Room

by Lisa Pedersen |

Jerry Saltz didn’t even go to college.  He started calling himself an art critic and lo and behold he is one.  Some love him.  Some hate him.  His response?  He keeps working. He spoke at the Vulture Festival on 11/10/19 at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  If you haven't been, you must...

Showing the heART of "Art on the (female) Canvas

by Lisa Pedersen |

A woman may start the process with a little trepidation.  It becomes a moving meditation, where layers of fear and angst may be uncovered, only to reveal someone feeling empowered, confident and embracing all that she is in the world around her.

Artrageous Show in Manhattan Beach, California

by Lisa Pedersen |

Kudos to curator, Stephan Cooper, and all the other "elves" who helped put together a very successful art show.  There were many people there of whom did not know that I was an artist, so this was a great chance to "get out there front and center".  Sometimes when you go to art shows you tend to see...

The Space Between the Lines

by Lisa Pedersen |

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