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Artrageous Show in Manhattan Beach, California

by Lisa Pedersen |

Kudos to curator, Stephan Cooper, and all the other "elves" who helped put together a very successful art show.  There were many people there of whom did not know that I was an artist, so this was a great chance to "get out there front and center".  Sometimes when you go to art shows you tend to see the same artists.  This art show had a variety of young, old, experienced and emerging artist grouping, which made for lively conversation and learning from each other.  

The message still remains:  show up, do the work and let the miracle unfold.

2 of my 5 paintings  have now moved on to a home staged for sale.  Let's hope they sell with the house, or else they move on to the next art show, or someone buys them through the website!


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