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the heART of a Butterfly

by Lisa Pedersen |

Abstract Butterfly

This butterfly is Dana.  Her story is profound. 

Here's her bio: "I was just 35 years old when I got diagnosed with breast cancer. This disease took me on a journey to an unspeakably dark place, but I fought my way back to the light. I have been cancer free now for 10 years. I wake up every morning incredibly grateful for my life knowing there’s no such thing as laughing too loud, crying too much, loving too hard or being too much of a badass. I am now an advocate for early detection and launched my Malibu Dana apparel line to raise funds to help breast cancer patients preserve their dignity during treatment. Emerging from my struggle I felt like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon and I now claim the butterfly as my spirit animal - dancing, fluttering, and spreading love and happiness wherever I can. ...The butterfly effect says the flap of one butterfly’s delicate wing can cause a hurricane half way around the world. I ask you to join me and flap your wings. Together we can generate powerful forces to change this world for the better. Live with passion, pursue happiness, and inspire others with the light that shines in each of us! Live butterfly strong!"

Why wouldn't we celebrate her and any other breast cancer survivor?

This was so fun working with her and I thank her for allowing me to share the images from the photo shoot and this YouTube video.






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