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Find your heART -Intuitive Painting Workshop

by Lisa Pedersen |

Mark your calendars for a night of intuitive painting!
Creating art can be a very personal and profound experience if we allow ourselves the opportunity to trust and be open to the healing powers of creativity, not just for ourselves but for those we love and for the world in which we live.

Lisa will be teaching “Find Your heART", which is a workshop  designed for you to go within and contemplate your own inner knowing as reflected through art. For the serious artist or the “I’m not artist”, there will first be a creative visualization in order to awaken our imagination. Next, there'll be a warm up with some explorative art making, which will end with some group dialogue in order to witness each other’s transformative experience.

All participants will take home their art, which will include a 12” x 16” painting, and will be given tools for further self reflection and understanding.

You can register at  Please sign up in advance as there is limited space available.  At this writing, there are 4 people signed up and the space will hold 10.  

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