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Giraffe Women (past) meets Modern Day Butterfly Woman (present)

by Lisa Pedersen |

What does one have to do with the other?

Google Burmese Giraffe Women and you will see the most beautiful women with rings around their necks; one for each birthday.  Amazing to think they were the inspiration for creating an abstract butterfly.

It was the muse and I, along with 8 other women who came under a white tent.  It was a ceremonial event, much like what we can imagine happens with tribal body artmaking.  They celebrate a rite of passage. 

With wrapped wire around her neck it became the base to make wings on the muse.  From there came collaged materials like fabric and edible sprinkles (metallic, of course), biodegradable confetti and even glitter.  The anchor was honey.  Honey was the glue and binding agent that brought together the new family of materials. 

Here is the video from our event this past 8/8 at 8 pm.  (Please note:  the muse is topless therefore under YouTube guidelines, you must be over 18 to view).  Not every muse opts for being topless.  There was consciousness behind this event where no clothing was worn in order for the artistry to reflect past tribal art.  If you are in the jungle you don't have clothes.  You rely upon nature's elements to "clothe" you.  The "dressing" of the muse was so much more than adorning her with the white fabric or glitter.  Rather, it was the love in the room where the women who were in audience had opportunity to decorate the muse.  



Interested in your own event where Lisa would bring her muse and the would "perform" at a "live" interactive event?  Bathing suit on, underwear on, or perhaps topless, if the vibe is right and the audience is there and can see nudity as art which has been celebrated for centuries:  inquire now. 


Video clip, courtesy of Reilly Auville.



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