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If Jeri Saltz and Malcolm Gladwell were in the Same Room

by Lisa Pedersen |

Jerry Saltz didn’t even go to college.  He started calling himself an art critic and lo and behold he is one.  Some love him.  Some hate him.  His response?  He keeps working.

He spoke at the Vulture Festival on 11/10/19 at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.  If you haven't been, you must go see the "David Hockney pool".  

How to be an Artist by Jerry Saltz


While Jerry was talking all I could think about was how aligned he was with the premise of Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “Talking to Strangers.”  You see, both Jerry and Malcolm espouse the notion that “love is the answer" and that is why I vote that they both go on tour to wake us all up to this seemingly simple, yet sometimes  far fetched concept. These men both appear to know the best tribe in the world is one in which there are open minds.  We must have an open mind when it comes to meeting people and seeing art.  Let's look past the subject and see the soul of what he/she embodies.


Jerry can help us realize, yet again, that art is alive because there was a human being that touched the canvas with his/her chosen medium. If the canvas could talk, it most likely would have lots to say, and with technology being what it is this concept is not as far fetched as one may think.  Are you listening AR world?  


Let’s fall in love with the art of talking to strangers, whether at an art gallery or the supermarket.  Both require us to believe that life is the best canvas of all.


And, let’s stop comparing LA to NYC, Jerry.  They both serve us in different ways.  When we love both cities equally without envy or judgement we know our own life story on canvas is the biggest work of art, what with the melting pot of heterogeneous strangers from one coast to the other.  Perhaps LA and NYC together will embody the love we all need to change this world filled with hate as a result of not being seen or heard (AKA misunderstood).

The time IS Now to talk to strangers.The time is NOW.

 And here is an example of Jerry Saltz connecting with strangers (of which we know Malcolm Gladwell would wholeheartedly support):

Jerry attended an art show 12 years ago in NYC of an artist who drove all the way to LA from San Francisco to see him and thank him! 


 Selfies in action...


Thanks, Jerry!!! 

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