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the heART of Doodling

by Lisa Pedersen |

Read it and then decide what audience this is geared for.  GO!


“Intuitively expressive, frenetic bold color “doodles” leading to a feeling of being eternally hopeful” would be the best way to describe my art. There’s a reason to what's created, but I may not know why at that particular, isolated moment in time; wherever intuition leads me is where I will go.”

You see, I was never really good at coloring in between the lines in all those coloring books, thus the art of “intuitive doodling” was born.  I create in this way almost faster than I can breathe, knowing science supports my efforts.   

When you doodle you are lighting up  different networks in the brain” and “engaging different information.” This can lead to “ah-ha” moments when the solution to a problem you’ve been struggling  with suddenly becomes evident.” -Sunni Brown

Doodling brings back memories of my mother creating in this same way to navigate the “art of parenting” five children.  She now has Alzheimer’s Disease and because she lives 3,000 miles away, I imagine that when I create she is right there with me, and I with her. 


I have been doodling in the digital form, using my finger as my tool in order to let the magic unfold.  Before slumber, I get really quiet and await for an image to greet me.  Sometimes it happens in my dreams.  Upon wakening, I create; like the time when there was a purple flower and yellow middle with ethereal strokes of white.  That was all the research I needed to bring this vision to life form.


“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared  is the  flower".  -John Harrigan .


I am obsessed with creating flowers and sharing them with the world.  I believe there can never be enough of them since they seem to be the way in which we build connection.  If you’re sick?  We gift flowers.  Wedding?  We share flowers. A loved one dies?  Flowers, and more flowers.

I’ve painted flowers directly onto the bodies of women.  I’ll paint them on canvas.  It was only a natural evolution for the technological form to emerge.

I also create to maintain a sense of hope in a world that seems to be ever  changing from the innocence of how I was raised in the Connecticut suburbs. I ran in meadows.  I explored in the woods.  Wherever I turned, there were flowers to greet me and color my world.

I call myself a “Conscious Seed Planter” because art, along with my words of what inspired me to create it, can evoke a change as a result of the observer’s interaction with it.

And, so I doodle.  And I will continue to.  I will doodle on sand.  I will doodle on gum wrappers.  I will doodle on bodies.  Come join me on my journey, and, why don’t you “doodle”, too?




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