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Market 90254 - Live Painting Next Door

by Lisa Pedersen |

Sometimes, when one door closes, another opens.  This was the case for sharing art at the Market 90254 event.  I hope by sharing this post it helps inspire someone to never give up.  

I had inquired about showcasing some of my paintings at this local event, especially having lived locally since 1992 and have embraced all that Hermosa Beach has to offer.  My inquiry was declined.  Ultimately, I reconnected with an architect whose business location was next to the venue. She helped secure a spot for me.  Her team helped set up my tent and the paintings I brought to display.  I "live" painted a new blue wave and got to meet some new people, including a father/daughter team who purchased a #6degreeart package in order to be part of the social art experiment that has been showcased on Instagram:  @lisapedersenart.  

There was also an artist that I wanted to meet who sells surf board art in the mosaic form (really beautiful!).  Does anyone know her name?

The night was topped off with the most spectacular sunset view from the rooftop of a local businessman across from the Market 90254 venue.  Taco cart (akin to anyone living at the beach) made it the perfect end to the day.  

The answer to growing an art business is connecting with those around you.  I am so very grateful for the people in my life that believe in me and help propel me forward.  


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