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heARTful Thoughts

Posts tagged: butterfly

the heART of a Butterfly

by Lisa Pedersen |

  Breast cancer survivor thinks of herself as a butterfly, fluttering around and grateful for her 10 years of survivorship to date.  Her thoughts are captured in her portrayal as the muse for Artist Lisa Pedersen.  Lisa collages onto the (Female) canvas using honey as the glue for materials such as glitter, fabric, flowers, sequins and confetti.    

Giraffe Women (past) meets Modern Day Butterfly Woman (present)

by Lisa Pedersen |

The most magical of body arting where the muse is an abstract butterfly, inspiration coming from the Burmese "giraffe" women who wear a ring around their necks for every birthday.  So much more is being celebrated this night.  The "elder" women in the audience were able to come up and decorate the muse as a way to impart their own...

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