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What is a "White Tent Woman"?

by Lisa Pedersen |

Anyone can be a “White Tent Woman”.
You simply have to allow yourself:
1) to be vulnerable 
2) to talk to strangers
3) to let go of conventional meanings of what beauty is (since sticking curly, metal wire may not be the latest fashion trend)
4) understand that in wearing white you may feel lighter
5) understand that in wearing white you may show support for women’s suffrage across the world

The white tent is not for everyone cuz you have to be ready. Some may say they can appreciate this vision. They can see it as beautiful. They can see the celebration and freedom but not really EMBRACE it.
It may seem too foreign at a deep level because of their own fears.... and it’s just too hard to “go there”.
I say that if you have those thoughts and feelings you just “went there”. You were authentic. You were honest. In doing so, real connection can occur and what you do with that is then up to you.
Go to the White Tent once.
Go often.
Connect with the feeling of our mothers and grandmothers, and their mothers who may have dreamt of the chance to wear white and live an authentic life.
For years, we have worn white at weddings, baptisms, communions and other significant milestones or celebrations.
Why white?
Why white?
Why white?

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