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6 degree art

Dear #6DegreeArt enthusiast!

Welcome. Get ready to make Frigyes Karinthy, who coined the theory of 6 degrees of separation, PROUD! By joining, you are agreeing to participate in the #6DegreeArt social art experiment. Please download the form to express consent.

For our experiment to work, you will have 2 weeks to paint on the canvas, sign the back with a permanent marker, writing #1 and then your name. Send to the next person who adds/embellishes/paints over and signs the back with: #2, and their name. Person #2 send to the next person, and the same process continues (kinda like a chain letter) until it reaches person #6, who send the original back to Lisa Pedersen at P.O. Box 1298 Manhattan Beach, CA. 90267

Don’t think that you need anything fancy to participate in this #6DegreeArt social art experiment, because you don't! You don’t even have to be an artist! The first thing to do is gather up some art supplies. Chances are, you may have purchased paints and brushes that have now been hidden somewhere. If you don’t have any (and still can’t find them) you can purchase the #6DegreeArt Ready Bag (coming soon…. Until then, borrow from a friend, look around your home, ask your 1st grade art teacher).

** One big consideration: try to send to someone out of the state where you are residing. We will try to get representation from all around the globe!

PERKS: You will get a keepsake print of the art you worked on with your group of 5 others. There’s a big chance this project will be touring the country for all eyes to see (maybe this will be your first art show!). Stay tuned…