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About Lisa

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions."
- Pablo Picasso (as regularly recited by Lisa Pedersen)

Lisa's Story

Here's the background of a new, Los Angeles Art Association 2017 member, and emerging artist: As a young girl, Lisa escaped from a noisy, 7 person household to create art. As an adult with a background in psychology and creative arts therapies, she witnessed personally and through others how painting was a way to capture feelings and thoughts that there were no words to express. ​ August 2015 marked a commitment to paint daily. She believes this has become so engrained that this ritual will most likely continue the rest of her life. Lisa's favorite medium is acrylic, and on occasion she will use water color. Generally, her paintings are of the contemporary art genre, yet there are times she will break into her "left" brain and paint something photo realistic. The observer has described her work as "whimsical" and she's received such comments as, "I can't stop staring at it!" By attending art classes throughout LA, and retreating to magical backdrops like Esalen Institute's Art Barn in Big Sur, California, Lisa continues to fine tune her art making, believing there is always more to learn. Of course, she does consider nature and intuition as her most coveted guides, and thanks the ocean (her studio is nearby) daily for such inspiration. * A portion of all sales/commissions is donated to the Portraits of Hope Project. (an organization Lisa holds near and dear to her heart).