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Interested in being a client yourself or hosting an event?


You are a commissioned client if you:

1) want to host a "live" interactive "Art on the (female) Canvas" event where the audience can watch (and maybe even participate) in transforming the muse.  It is the most magical thing in all the land to witness. 

Lisa Pedersen with muse.
photo courtesy of Don Adkins


Hourly rate:  $100 ( minimum 2.5 hours)

Day rate:  $1000

Travel/accommodation expenses not included in above prices. 

2) You are a woman who wants to transform and meet head on your shyness or body issues.  You schedule an "Art on the (Female) canvas" session and keep the images for yourself.  (There is a closet full of clothes that you can select from so you don't have to worry about your own getting marked up). Sessions run at a minimum of 2.5 hours.  

*You may also participate in a side project where you take a body confidence survey (again, this is optional) to see if the act of body arting can have a positive and maybe even lasting effect in how you connect with yourself and the world. 

3) You are a woman who wants to be part of an avant-garde way to gift romantic images to your lover.  If your partner comes to see you "live" towards the end of a session, there's always room for a kiss.

Romantic kiss during photo shoot with Lisa Pedersen.


3) You are a woman who has NO body issues and simply wants to come play, create and have FUN with this avante garde art experience. 

4) You are a group of women that want a group "Art on the Human Canvas" event to celebrate your upcoming marriage, or baby shower or friendship or any other way that honors your bond.  Whatever the celebration is, you understand the beauty of gathering in community as a way to mark these special moments in time.

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