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Yoga + Art Retreat - Deposit Payment #1




Please note:  Retreat participants must have sent an email inquiry before  enrolling. 


Ava and Lisa have been on a journey of self growth and discovery individually and through their partnership of collaging on the (female) canvas.  Ava (the muse) has allowed Lisa (the artist) the honor to create art similar to art from the past (think tribal art making as shown here at an art event this past year). 

Ava as an "abstract peacock" by Lisa


Lisa (a lifelong yoga enthusiast) has practiced under Ava's (yoga teacher) guidance for over 2 years. They each have benefitted from the other in a multitude of ways and enjoy how their ages, professional and life experiences serve as a bridge for others of varying ages. (**You can read more about their professional bios at the bottom).

If you are intrigued like they are by the mountain region of Colombia then please join them at "Madre Cocoon" in the beautiful area of Santa Elena, (Medellin) for their upcoming retreat destination. 

Madre Cocoon!  (With your email inquiry more pictures will be shared of this magical spot).
Here are the details of what they are offering for you:


Day 1:

Early Evening Meet & Greet (Lisa & Ava)

Evening Restorative Yoga (Ava)

** For those that cannot make the this evening's scheduled activities due to travel constraints:

You will have opportunity for a MEET & GREET until 10:30 pm.  You can also relax in a restorative yoga pose set up for you in the Zen area. 

For all: a welcome packet/gift will assist you in your transition to this magical land and time.

Day 2:

Morning: Yoga (Ava)

Remaining Day: Temezcal 

-guided by the Guru of these mountains “Abuela Gloria”- is an indigenous ritual. It focuses on going back to the womb of the mother (pachamama)  to release and burn all things holding us back from being the pure beings we are as we once were in the womb. It is a whole day affair. We will be in the Temezcal for about 2.5-3 hours.  Includes a "tabacco" ceremony.

Evening: Yoga & Doodling (Ava & Lisa)

-Ava will lead us in a meditative practice that will open up our hearts.  Lisa will leave art ᔕυƤplies meant for you to doodle or draw or create.

Day 3:

Morning:  Yoga (Ava)

We’ll move our bodies in typical yoga fashion to mirror the excitement of the physical space and beauty around us.  

Remaining Day: horseback riding (guided by Sandra- retreat owner)

-this includes a stop for lunch

Evening:  Art on the (Female) Canvas

People of the Santa Elena village will be invited to this iconic event.  Ava will wear colors reflective of Colombia and serve as the muse while Lisa collages, creates artmaking onto her body.  Musical performance by a musician from the village.

Day 4:

Morning: Yoga (Guest Yoga teacher, "Sandra", owner of "Madre Cocoon Retreats" and pictured here:

Afternoon: Spa day (guided by "Madre Cocoon" owner/yoga teacher/ friend, Sandra.
-includes lunch, cacao ceremony, eucalyptus steam bath and volcanic ash
Location for SPA DAY!

Evening: Relaxation yoga (Ava)

Day 5:

Morning: Farewell Breakfast  and YOGA Gathering


Your retreat cost:  Varies as we note that there are different rooms that will meet your different requests (individually or shared room rates, for example)
Cost ranges from $1500  - $2250
This includes:
-travel to/from the airport (Medellin, Colombia - MDE)
-3 meals per day (including South America's exotic fruits
-all activities listed above
-1 photo to commemorate the experience 


About the Accommodations:

Please keep in mind "Madre Cocoon" is a very humble cabin in the mountains, operated by a yoga teacher and friend who enjoys sharing the richness of simplicity life can offer when surrounded by nature.  (There is hot water ). You will note the cost of this retreat is far less than others for this reason.  If you'd like to stay longer than the retreat dates, please let us know and we will happily share this with Madre Cocoon.

Maximum occupancy is 7 retreat participants (and 8 if there's a couple who shared the double bed) in this 4 BR, 2 bathroom cabin.  

If traveling with someone, please indicate such to be placed in the same room.

Here is the breakdown for Retreat Participant accommodations:

Room #1: Two (twin) beds. 

Room #2: One twin bed.  One double bed. 

Room #3: One double bed.


This room would be for a couple or two close friends or an individual who wants privacy who wants a private room. 

There is one bathroom assigned to all retreat participants.


Travel:  Travel is not included.  We suggest checking COPA Airlines for those traveling from the Los Angeles area.  If you travel on 3/6/19 (a day earlier than the retreat start date) and would like to stay at Madre Cocoon, you may be an additional nominal fee of $100, knowing that the retreat officially starts on 3/7/19.  You may use this time to get to enjoy your surroundings.  Lisa will be there to greet you as she will be arriving earlier.

There are also many connecting flights from Ft. Lauderdale, Miami if you prefer to stay overnight in one of those cities on 3/6/19 and then catch an earlier flight on VIVA Air.  There are also flights through Mexico.

Round trip airfare is generally around $550 - 750



If this offering speaks to you then come.  Simply come and be ready for the chance to connect with nature and your authentic self.   

-A $500 deposit is required to secure your spot.  After this initial deposit is made a welcome pack will be sent to you, and if chosen for a payment plan option, those details will also follow. 

The remaining balance of $1350 is due before 30 days of the Retreat date.  (2/7/2020).  The email will include instructions for remaining payment.

Please know that if you cancel for any reason up until 30 days of the retreat (February 7, 2020) you will receive a refund less 50%.  If canceling less than 30 days leading up to the retreat you will receive a $250 credit towards a future retreat/workshop led by Lisa Pedersen and Ava Moreno, collectively or separately, within the same calendar year.

with heART,

 . AND . 

Any questions, email: or

"ART Yoga" Mural created by Lisa

 P.S.  We will ask you to sign a Liability Waiver to be provided in the welcome packet.


If you're not convinced yet to come, below are more images of this captivating region:


Exotic South American fruits


Fire Pit on the grounds of "Madre Cocoon"

Past yoga retreat participants at "Madre Cocoon"

Meditation Lounge at "Madre Cocoon"




Ava Moreno - Professional dancer, RYT-200 yoga instructor, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, and dance instructor/choreographer.

Ava Moreno entered the yoga and fitness community through her first love: dance. She began her dance training as a toddler, training in all forms of dance. After having struggled with a severe eating disorder when she began her professional dance career at age 16, Ava found Colleen Quinn, an incredible mentor and inspiration to her through the form of a personal trainer. Ava has also struggled with several injuries in dance due to her hypermobility, including a medial patellofemoral ligament knee reconstruction at age 20, leading her to look into deeper ways of understanding and helping her body. Although Ava had first been introduced to yoga at age 11 through dance, it was not until she entered recovery from her eating disorder that she began practicing regularly, discovering the peace, focus, and stability­­both physically and mentally­­it brought her. Throughout her recovery, Ava studied nutrition and began to explore the yoga, fitness, and wellness world.
Inspired by her trainer, Colleen, Ava went on to receive her personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Shortly after, at the age of 20, she completed her RYT 200­hour yoga teacher training with David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund of South Boston Yoga in 2014. Ava is passionate about helping others find their own physical, mental, and emotional strength through physical movement. Yoga and personal training are her methods of doing so, with her background and current career in dance as an advantage. Ava is always eager to learn more from those around her, including her clients and students. She understands that each student and client has a different body, with a different structure, which affects not only movement and range of motion, but also the movement pathways the body takes. Ava’s philosophy for her teaching and training is to recognize and tap into your own individual needs as a student to be able to find a balance of push and pull, challenge and ease, and growth and grounding.
Lisa Pedersen: Artist  
Lisa Pedersen has learned that you cannot take her 20 + year background as a social worker out of the artist and the artist out of the social worker.  They both inform the other specifically through the lens of connecting past (tribal art) to present day culture.  The purpose of Lisa's involvement in this retreat is as an artist who loves sharing DOODLING and collaging on the (female) canvas.  
To read more about Lisa, please feel free to read more on this website.  

Yoga + Art Retreat - Deposit Payment #1